Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home?

No, simply place an X where you want the bag delivered.

Does offer soil products?

We are in the beginning stages of soil products and aim to have them available in 2023.

Can I buy a bag or install service for a friend/relative?

Yes, of course. Purchase an install or delivery for your mom, dad, grandma, friend or anyone else. Surprise them with an install!

Can you put the bag on the front lawn or in the backyard?

  • Yes, we can! It is one of the benefits of using, our delivery process is one of a kind.
  • We can put the mulch on the top or bottom of a tiered garden.
  • We can place mulch around the back of a pool or even up a set of stairs if needed.

Can mulch be used in a dog run?

Yes, we often install mulch in dog run areas in spring and fall when the ground is soft and muddy, eliminating dogs tracking dirt in the house. We recommend 3" deep for this.