Why Choose MulchBag?

We deliver expertise you can trust. Mulch can be delivered in bulk wherever you need it.
We offer three services including:
Mulch In Bag Delivered – We deliver the bag and place it wherever you need it on your property.
Mulch Delivered & Installed – We deliver mulch and use our Blower Truck service to install it in your garden.
Mulch Delivered (No Bag) – The mulch is delivered by pile at the end of your driveway.

Benefits of Mulching:

✓ Retains soil moisture
✓ Suppresses weeds
✓ Enhances curb appeal
✓ Provide frost protection
✓ Keeps rodents away from plants

  • Our delivery process is state of the art. Our specialty is custom made equipment for mulch application.

  • ✓ We can place the mulch bag on your lawn right beside the garden or area you plan to work on.

  • ✓ We can place the mulch bag in your backyard, down a set of stairs, or anywhere else for that matter.

  • We manufacture our products ourselves. We have 100% control of quality and consistency.

  • All of our products are virgin forestry and sawmill byproducts. There is no recycled construction waste, ground up skids, or pressure treated wood in our products – only the cleanest wood is used.

  • ✓ For a small fee we can have our professional crews install the mulch right in the garden for you eliminating any wheelbarrowing and bag to dispose of. Let us help you free up more valuable time for family fun!

Blower Truck Service

Our blower truck applies even, consistent layers of material. Provides efficient, top quality workmanship and saves on costly labour. The truck can apply 25 cubic yards per hour. Our services will save time and ensure quality workmanship.

We are material placement specialists with ability to place materials where others can’t. Get the project completely properly and efficiently.

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